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Madrid Community Schools\

The mission of the Madrid Community Schools is
"The community of Madrid will work together to maximize the ability of all students to succeed in society."


Madrid Community Schools is an excellent system serving grades K-12, all at facilities located within the town of Madrid.  Day care and pre-school programs are available through Tiger Tots located at the Madrid Home.

  In the fall of '98 the oldest part of the school was destroyed by fire early one morning before classes started.  Voters in Madrid overwhelmingly approved a complete facelift for the remaining facility.  The second addition, dating back to 1925 was demolished on June 21, 1999.  During the summer of 1999 a massive project was underway to build an entirely new, modern addition. A previous addition originally built in 1963 was remodeled and a separate shop facility on the campus was remodeled to hold 4 temporary classrooms. After the opening of the new addition the temporary classrooms were converted into the Administration Offices.
During these years, the board voted to make all the school buildings air conditioned.
In 2008 because of growing numbers, the 4 temporary classrooms were once again made into classrooms and an addition was added on to the building to houses the Administration Offices.
In 2013, the North High School wing was remodeled, with an addition of a science wing and the 2 old science rooms being remodeled into 3 new classrooms.

Elementary Building and Adminstration building (in background)



The mission of the Madrid Community Schools is:

"The community of Madrid will work together to maximize the ability of all students to succeed in society."

As a result of their education from Madrid Community Schools, all students will: solve problems; use technology; work respectfully with others; be life-long learners; be productive and contributing members of society; be able to communicate through speaking, writing, reading, and listening; be responsible and accountable academically and socially, and develop social skills necessary to make healthy life choices.


The K-12 student population attends classes in Madrid in two facilities. One serves K-6 and the second, 7-12. The well-maintained facilities undergo annual modernization, yet still remain the personal nature of a small community school.


The students are served by a staff/student ratio of approximately 15 to 1. Our students consistently score well on standardized tests when compared with the rest of the students in Iowa. Also, Madrid's annual ACT average exceeds both the state and national averages. Typically, 78% of our students continue their education beyond the high school experience. All students have internet access through a district-wide network and technology is integrated into all phases of our K-12 educational experience.

Keeping students' welfare at the center of all decisions drives our way of doing business. For a copy of our annual report card please contact the district office at (515) 795-3241.

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