Welcome to Madrid, Iowa
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Park Board Meeting Dates   For your information:

The Parkboard meets the 2nd Tuesday @ 6:30PM - location - City Hall

The log cabin (Edgewood) is in need of repair. The Park Board would like your input on what the public would like to see be done with the building. (repair, add restroom, rebuild, etc & should the park be open year round)
A couple of informational meetings have be held for the public's input on what direction you feel the Park Board should go with the cabin.

You can also contact Dualla Carlson on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dualla or go to the Park & Recreation Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/560736230618074/

$8,197 currently in the Cabin Restoration Account

Edgewooe Park to OPEN March 27, 2017 and will remain open year round!

Boone County Conservation:
Swede Point Park (West of Madrid) $50 for a one day rental of shelter - Camping $17 w/electricity $11 w/no electricity
Grant's Woods (West of Madrid - Parking area for HHT Bridge)

Parks in Madrid:

Park Board Members

Edgewood Park
Jensen Park
Castle Park
Trailhead Park - Plans for the Project

Bill Badgley
Thomas Brown
Jolynne Carlson
Dualla Carlson
Ron Hodges
Lyn Depping
Carol Truckenmiller

Madrid Little League Website
Madrid BAM BAM Baseball
Madrid Soccer Association