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We Proudly Salute You!

The people listed below are or have served our country in the military in recent years.

Aaron Cronk, Matt Bennett, David Bruster, Brad Fees, Dirk Ringgenberg, James Johnson, Larry Fuller, Mark Harrington, John Lowe, Chad Goodrich, Brett Wilcox, Cregg Getman, Chris Mickle, Antony Mickle, Jeff Peterson, Scott Poindexter, Scott Smyth, Mike Ringgenberg, Mike Gathercole,Tim Allen, Marco Nelson-Grimes, Toby Nelson-Grimes, Jarrod Mastran, Jon Perry, Thomas Herbert, Denis Rhodes, Alicia Bollie, Matthew Eccles, Eric Nelson, Howard Clegg, Micheal Berg, Stephanie Bloomer, Anthony Dvorak (Madrid School Teacher) Chad Cosens, Jake Schealler, Bryon Capouch Eldon Evans, Paul Flattery, Weley Loomis, Koby Higgins, Brad Thomas, Kyser Fisher, Mike Winters, Nicholas Sowder, Derek Heldt, Levi Z.E. Erickson,Tanner Bell, Makayla Marie Handeland, Cody Braunschweig, Marsahll Harvey, Drew Latta, Nick Novotny and Jakum Ostrander.

This information came from the sign posted by the Madrid Iowa Sign
and individuals that contacted the webdesigner

Madrid received a flag from the Scott Smyth family that was flown in Afghanistan


Madrid salutes departing soldiers Students, teachers, and community members were out in force April 14, 2010 to say goodbye and good luck to their friends leaving Madrid to serve our country. Three community members were aboard Blackhawk Helicopters as they flew over to say goodbye. The soldiers sent word back to community members saying how they could see all the people--from the school children to all the townspeople--standing outside and waving. They wanted to send a "thank you" to us, but we want to say "thank you" to them.

USS New York

It was built with 24 tons of scrap steel from the World Trade Center .

It is the fifth in a new class of warship - designed for missions that include special operations against terrorists. It will carry a crew of 360 sailors and 700 combat-ready Marines to be delivered ashore by helicopters and assault craft.

Steel from the World Trade Center was melted down in a foundry in Amite , LA to cast the ship's bow section. When it was poured into the molds on Sept. 9, 2003, "those big rough steelworkers treated it with total reverence," recalled Navy Capt. Kevin Wensing, who was there. "It was a spiritual moment for everybody there."

Junior Chavers, foundry operations manager, said that when the trade center steel first arrived, he touched it with his hand and the "hair on my neck stood up." "It had a big meaning to it for all of us," he said. "They knocked us down. They can't keep us down. We're going to be back."

The ship's motto? "Never Forget"

Boone County Freedom Flight
October 11, 2015

Boone County Freedom Flight Facebook page

 On a rock in rural Iowa

The Patriotic rock, located at the Schildberg Construction - Jefferson Quarry and painted by Ray "Bubba" Sorensen. The rock was a local graffiti rock for twenty years for the surrounding schools. Out of respect, the local students have not defaced the painting in the past eight years since Bubba has been painting his tribute.

"I love my country, and I do it out of respect for the veterans." Quoted Ray "Bubba" Sorensen.Bubba draws a sketch of his idea on paper and then draws the design by free hand onto the rock. This takes him anywhere from one to three weeks to paint and he has been doing it for five consecutive years. Bubba is interested in military history and gets his ideas from books, movies, previous artwork and images by other artists. The rock is located on Highway 25, just 1 mile south of Interstate-80 near Greenfield, exit 86.

If traveling from Greenfield at junction 25 & 92, take Hwy 25 north 12 miles.

This Facebook page is dedicated to collecting pictures of Iowa's Fallen Vietnam Soldiers:
the pictures can be posted directly on facebook site or emailed to facestogowithnames@yahoo.com.

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